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Château La Coste - Field Trip Week 2

Dateline Monday, March 18 -

Happy Belated Saint Paddy's Day! Who knew a small town in the south of France (La Napoule) would have such a rocking party? In Chicago, Mayor Daley would die the Chicago River Green. I did my best with this wig, courtesy of O'Sullivan's.

Today was even more rocking.

We spent the whole days at the amazing outdoor sculpture museum at Château La Coste, just north of Aix-en-Provence. 8 of us artists-in-residence at the Château de La Napoule devoted four glorious hours to walking - and I learned so much from all the incredibly talented visual artists!


And unexpectedly, I learned about my characters, Marie and Henry Clews.


I was surprisingly overcome by emotion in Tadao Ando’s La Chapelle. Such an understated space – and yet, it magnifies as you sit there. Gratitude for this experience filled me – and I imagined Marie’s heart near bursting, tears flowing - feeling that way as she witnessed her husband Henry’s work. Thank you, Lord, for this – this life, this art, this man.


I imagined a wish for Henry and deposited it in Dead End by Sophie Calle. Hope this inspiration for my play won’t be a dead end.

 Henry's wish - or mine?

Once again, mille fois merci to @Chateau de La Napoule for this residency. So wonderful to return from a full day out to its magic and beauty - and to be able to call it “home.”

(Wish I could be trapped here forever, like I am in Tunga by Psicopompos - as long as I can have longer arms).

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