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Day 2 - It can't be this easy!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Yesterday morning I started my blog about birthing my musical "Oneida" by the end of the year - in ten months. Just like a pregnancy.

I know the first step is a 29-hour reading - or at least some developmental process that lasts more than the few hours we've had so far and which ends in a presentation.

I have been affirming I want this for months now. And I have been taking steps to make it happen - which all seem to lead nowhere.

So, yesterday, I post my first blog. Within 24 hours, two different possibilities for a reading appear. Crazy, right?

1st crazy thing:

At 12:30, I meet with the artistic director of a theatre in CT where I run a musical theatre writers' workshop to discuss our annual writers festival, Page to Stage. This year, we both agree that we want to move beyond doing bits and pieces of 5-6 different shows and present whole shows - more satisfying for the audience and the writers.

It takes me until the meeting is almost over to realize - here is exactly what I've been wanting. Really? That fast?

My inner sceptic kicks in pretty quickly. It will cost too much money, the actors in CT aren't good enough, it'll be too complicated to get 11 actors up from New York City...yadayadayada. So I deflate my excitement balloon.

But then - 2nd freaky thing.

Donna the Dear Heart has been sharing "Oneida" with theatre people in upstate New York, where the Oneida Community was based. This morning, she forwards a response from one producer - this woman actually took piano lessons at the Oneida Mansion House when she was young. She loves the idea. She wants to help.

Two development avenues open up within 24 hours of sharing, publicly, what I want??

Ok, I know neither is a done deal. But shucks - feels pretty uncanny to me.

Sometimes the solution is right there. But we can't see it. We're not ready to see it. I mean, I've been running this workshop in CT for six years now. I could have asked for this before. Why only now? Because of a blog? Or because the blog means I'm ready?

Do any of you have experiences of putting it out there in a new, scary, bold way - that immediately lights up opportunities?


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