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I Love Your Toilet Seats! (Who Knew?)

yes these are glasses! credit Odee

NB - read to the bottom to win a prize!

Lunettes – the French word for eyeglasses.

Lunette – also the French word for a toilet seat!

Lunette – also a cookie (it looks like an owl); also to do with a horse and a telescope.

BTW, lunette is the diminutive of “lune” moon, i.e. a round object.


First written citation: 1398.

For the glasses, not the toilet seats. That’s John Crapper in 1861 and another story.

Crapper's "The Venerable"

France’s glasses are the most expensive in Europe.

Because there are too many opticians and low turnover.

Somebody please ‘splain that to me?


Glasses are so pricey, 1 in 10 french people doesn’t get them (hope that one isn't driving).


My new glasses had a sticker price of 580 euros (and that was with the cheapo frames).

After I fainted, the optician revived me with the news that, after national health and supplemental insurance, I would pay only 86 euros.

Somebody’s paying for these most expensive glasses – and it isn’t me. Feel kinda bad.


Speaking of toilet seats, why are there no bidets anymore in France?

20 years ago, almost 100% of homes had one. Now, it’s only about 42 %.

There are three main reasons.

I’m not going to tell you.

You have to guess.

(whoever wins gets a prize -



Sidebar: bidets were invented in the 1600s. The name derives from the Old French word for pony and the verb "bider" (to trot) because you straddle it like a horse. Italy has the highest usage – because there’s a law every home has to have one!

Can't resist sharing this video - only a Texan...

Guesses go in the comments below, or email me

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