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Everything Rhymes! (WhyWaitWednesday #2)


Not waiting for perfect to share a piece.

It may be small, but that's ok.

Send it out and it may grow one day.

There are things I didn't know about France (see my "Who Knew?").

And then there are things I did realize about France a long time ago.

Like wine and cheese are incredibly good and cheap.

Most stores are closed on Sunday (less true now in Paris).

Funny French movies are not funny (IMHO).

Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure

But some things didn’t really sink in until I was living here.

Writing here.

Rhyming here.

It really hit me, listening to the song “Paris S’Éveille” by Jacques Dutronc.


Here's my response, the agony I felt in that moment.

It may be a song when it grows up. Now that it's released :)


Doing a deep dive into French chanson

As I sit here and look out on Golfe Juan

And snack on some flan

A small piece, pas grand

Apres un moment

Pas tres long

Je comprends

Pourquoi les chansons

Francais sont

Si bon                        (ok, that should be "bonnes")

It’s not fair – non, non, non!


Everything rhymes in French

Their lyrics are poems without the snooty stench

Of reaching for rapture but falling off the bench

As I fight for perfect rhyme in the English trench

I turn grumpy as a Grench

Feel my teeth grind and my jaw clench

In English, the word “love” is a monkey wrench   (shove, glove, above, of – that’s it!)

There are nine million rhymes for love

In French.


In French, everything rhymes

Makes me long to commit perfect-rhyme crimes

Like “poem” and “home” – or write a show about Tammy Grimes

Or give up words altogether, like one of those mimes.

I recall all the hair-tearing times

When I begged for a talent to equal Sondheim’s

I remember one vacation in tropical climes

Drowning my frustration in tequila with limes

(They say booze the inspiration pump primes).

I’d write in French, but I lack the linguistic enzymes

Curse you French, you slimes,

Everything rhymes.

Ok, I won't go out a sore loser. Here's Dutronc's amazing song.

Please share other amazing French lyrics you know and admire. I'd rather not just complain, but learn!

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