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“Lovely Lies”                                                                                                                   

Written for and recorded by Rebecca Luker

Lyrics Beth Blatt, Music Jeff Blumenkrantz

Purchase sheet music here.

"My Mother’s Mother"

 A different kind of Mother's Day Song

Lyrics Beth Blatt, Music and Vocal Jenny Giering

"Recipe for Joy"                   

Lyrics Beth Blatt, Music and Vocal Jenny Giering

·       “One Woman” Anthem for UN Women. Music by Graham Lyle & Fahan Hassan

·       “Make America Good Again” Music by Derek Gregor

·       “Our Bodies, They Are A’Changing” A parody song, music Bob Dylan (w/ apologies)

·       “My Mother’s Mother” Music by Jenny Giering

·       “Hanging Up On the World” Music by Jenny Giering

·       “Little Star” (an itty bitty Xmas song) Music by Jenny Giering

·       “When You Start” (from At The Met) Music by Jenny Giering

·       “Rise”  (for Hope Sings) Music by Romulo Castro, vocal by Beth Blatt

·       “Mike” (He Saw Her Coming) Music by Benjamin Diskant

·       “Farewell” Music by Curtis Moore

·       “What I Can” Music Yasuhiko Fukuoka

·       “Live to Love” Music Lewis Flinn

 ·       “Your Heart Is My Home” Music Lewis Flinn

 ·       Fly 

 ·       “Recipe for Joy” 

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