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An Unbalanced Breakfast


I wish happiness were the honey

That sweetened the yogurt of my day.

I wish laughter were the lemon

That sprinkled every breath with zest.

I wish joy were my jam

The confiture – not the conflict-ure - on my toast.

I long to be one of those people who


I long to be one of those people who


For no reason

24/seven, 360 bliss

No matter the season - this

Is my wish.

I know a dab of rose oil

Will uncoil my glow.

I know a beat of downdog

Will unclog my flow.

I know some honey from my honey

Aka a quickie - will do the trickie.

But do I go

To these go-to’s?

I confess – no.

Sadly, I choose

To tee up another


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