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16 Days to Make Women Safer

Every year, starting on November 25, aka "Orange Day," UN Women wages their 16-UNiTE campaign for women's safety and empowerment. More about that campaign here.

I'm using these 16 Days as a challenge to do what I can to help women. For me, that means telling stories - with words, with songs - that open our hearts and minds. It includes encouraging others to do what they can.

FAWCO (the Federation of Women's Clubs Overseas) has put together a fantastic calendar with ideas of how to support this campaign, from watching a movie to listening to a song. Calendar with ideas here.

The song FAWCO chose for today, I'm honored to say, is the anthem I conceived and co-wrote for the launch of UN Women. I believe we are "One Woman" - may we all shine!

What can you do? Take one action today - even a teeny-tiny one - then share it in the comments below to inspire others to do the same. Ripples, baby!

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