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Countdown - 23 Days until Residency

I’m getting ready to be ready.


I believe I learned that phrase from Esther Hicks.

(Any Abraham/Hicks fans out there? It’s huge to me.)

Me on the terrace at La Napoule

23 days from today I start my month-long artist’s residency at le Chateau de la Napoule in the south of France. I plan to write about Marie and Henry Clews, the couple who lived there, to bring their story and their home to dramatic life.

Marie and Henry Clews

I’m conflicted.

I really want to start writing. NOW.


I don't.

I want to wait until I get there, to let the magic of the chateau itself inspire me. I want to channel the spirits.


Problem is - I’ve never had much luck channelling.

I’m a nose to the grindstone, researching, left-brain kind of writer. Outlines and character arcs and vocabulary lists (oh, my). Addicted to hard work, such a Puritan am I.


I say I want EASY.

Law of Attraction. Letting the Universe step up.

But I don’t trust EASY.

Do you?


So while I wrestle with this existentially writer's conflict, I can gently get ready: turn over the fields, fertilize, stock up on seed.


That’s where you come in. With seeds and fertilizer.


In other words, I’d love to be inspired by what you love.


1. What one-person shows wowed you? I’ve seen/read a bunch, but can always use more models. (On my list: Anna Deveare Smith, Ruth Draper, John Leguizamo, Eric Bogosian


2. If you’re into immersive, interactive theatre – who are your icons? (Mine include Natasha and Pierre, the visite dramatique at the Musée Camondo in Paris,


THANK YOU for sharing what you love. It takes a digital village!

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