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Field Trip! (St Paul de Vence/Vence)(Part I)

View of Chateau de La Napoule pre-departure

The fantastic folk at our residency gave us a field trip - and the weather cooperated for the first time since we've been here!

Off we went in three cars, bright and early (ie Artist Time: 10am). First stop: Fondation Maeght in St. Paul de Vence.

The goodies start in the garden. This reminds me of the orange Calder that was front-page news in Chicago (reviled/adored). After today, I'm pretty clear I prefer Calder to Miro. Maybe I'm a killjoy. Calder is playful. Miro is cartoon-y. So shoot me.

That Giocometti was a handsome guy.

Joke I heard:

"Giocometti, why are all your figures so skinny?"

"Are they?"

More likely: he was drawing the shadows people made. That's cool. If not as funny.

Part II - More Fondation Maeght, St Paul and Vence (Matisse!)

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