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Day 1 - Commitment, a/k/a Time to Have That Baby!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

I'm terrified. Which is a good sign. Scary = growth.

This blog announces a non-negotiable VOW to myself.

I have been saying every day for a year now - ok, for more than a year - that my goal is to get my musical "Oneida" DONE.

Guess what?

It's still not done. Not out there in the world, on a stage, any stage (do I really mean "any" stage?).


I am allowing my musical to be birthed - to be on-stage - within 10 months (the length of a pregnancy).

I need to be held accountable to my promise to myself. You are my accountability group. Deal? (though you don't really need to do anything).

I will work to let go of obstacles I put in my path (thank you, Ganesh, for both the placement and removal).

I will share setbacks and successes here. Hopefully more of the latter.

And I hope in doing this, I will help YOU keep going - whatever your mountain or boulder.

I plan to be very real and specific. I fear I'll piss someone off if I name names - but I'll have to deal with that.

In exposing myself, I fear I'll end up looking like even a bigger loser and further ruining my chances of "getting it on." But fears are meant for confronting (with a nod to Nancy Sinatra).

Because enough is enough (thanks Donna and Barbra). I gotta do something. I am so so so pregnant with this show, it hurts.

And I need to make room inside me for other baby shows I already dream of!

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