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Saving Your Thyroid - and Your "Voice"?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

11 years ago, my ENT discovered a large nodule on my thyroid. He couldn't tell me what had caused it, only that it had been growing for years.

I think it started when I'd stopped singing 10 years earlier. When the vibrations ceased, when the oxygen and emotions stopped flowing and cleansing, when I let others sing for me, when I discounted my own voice.

More about that here.

Back then, I refused surgery to remove the left lobe of the thyroid. I pursued alternative strategies. I reduced stress, changed my diet, piloted a creative pivot. The nodule shrank by 25%, and hint of malignancy was gone.

For nine years, it's been a non-event. Though I've kept wondering: what impact does this remaining blockage still have on me, on my body and my spirit?

Which brings us to 2023. Have I started singing again? Only a few times, the last in Paris. It's still on my to-do list. But creatively, yes. I've moved, geographically and artistically.

And last week, I finally took on releasing the remaining blockage, with Radio-Frequency Ablation on the nodule. I will be sharing that journey for others who may also want to take a medical road less-travelled.

If you have a nodule, or know someone who does - or if you wonder how your body affects your own emotional and creative flow - stay tuned!

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