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Day 3 - What Now?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

My Miraculous Day 2 offered two paths to getting what I want: a development possibility that is the next step towards a production by the end of the year for my musical, "Oneida."


Um, now what? What to do today?

TIP: this is a technique I find useful when I'm stuck/unclear:

Make a List of 20 Things You Could Do

You don't have to do any of them. But it's funny how, at least part-way through the list, I always think - I could do that. And I do. And then I'm off and running with the others.

My list today of things to do is:

1. Nothing

(Focus on other projects and stop picking at the Oneida scab)

2. Meditate/Visualize

(I'm ok at meditation, terrible at visualization)

3. Follow-up on leads that are out there

(Does this muddy the waters and dilute the good energy on other leads?)

4. Rewrite

(No! Step away from the draft!)

5. Write this blog

(Is this really going to help anyone - even me?)

Obviously, I do #5, 'cause we're here.

I do half of #2 (guess which half).

I do #3.

Re #3. Usually, digitally nudging powerful strangers feels icky. Begging, "Look at me!" Right?

But today, since I'm on a roll, I feel like I'm offering them an opportunity. If the show is not for them, fine.

NOTE TO SELVES: we forget how energy works at our peril - and I have put myself in danger so often by pushing when I didn't feel good. Right time, right place. Right?

Time for Show-And-Tell, which will be a regular part of my accountability agreement with you (my head is ready for patting). I followed up with:

A professor at Syracuse State

A department head at Syracuse Stage

The founder of a new music society in central New York State.

I said I'd share real names, but that still makes me nervous (though my friend David Dreyfus suggested using anagram, which I may do). What do you think? Do we dare share names of people here? Would you?

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