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Day #4 - ReFraming

Updated: Jul 15, 2023


I'd like to share a DAILY OFFERING so these posts can be of value to you, not just an accountability checklist from me.

This one comes courtesy of the uber/multi-talented Valerie Vigoda, whose Peak Aliveness program I'm doing - and which inspired me to start this scary blog.

Valerie suggests we choose one thing to do that is a growth task - a little harder than usual, but manageable and which will put is in flow. Chances are this task both lights us up and scares us.

Chose that thing. Write briefly about what scares you. "I'm afraid to write this blog because it will make me look like a loser. People will be less likely to help me get the show on.I'll offend people and they won't like me. They'll think I'm stupid."

Then flip it, to what excites you. "It makes me feel powerful and in control to be taking steps every day to make this happen without doing endless, destructive rewrites. It excites me to think about how this show will heal and connect people. I love thinking of me on a talk show sharing the long and winding road of this journey - and inspiring others to keep going!"

Thank you, Valerie, for ReFraming! Check out her incredible talent in the opening number from her hit show, Ernest Shackleton Loves Me.


I have been in action, but not working as hard as I usually do. That's a challenge. It never feels like enough. But too hard can be pushing - which is worse. Right time, right place. Trust.

The daily check-in helps me feel I'm doing enough, so here goes:

  1. I spoke with the artistic director of the theatre in CT that was a possibility for doing a reading of my show, Oneida, in June. RESULT: he will discuss with a board member and he and I will talk again WEDNESDAY.

  2. I met with the founder of a new theatre company near where I live, who has worked with a Christian-oriented theatre organization that has had some very mainstream, successful shows off-Broadway. He offered to share discuss Oneida with them. ACTION TAKEN: I shared materials with him. NEXT STEP: I will follow-up FRIDAY, one week from when I sent the materials.

  3. Dear Heart Donna has been trying to speaks with the theatre owner in upstate NY who has personal connections to the Oneida Mansion House (piano lessons there). NEXT STEP: check in on WEDNESDAY with pleasant expectation, not nagging pressure.

  4. I reached out to book a smart writer friend to read down the show so I can start marking any adjustments before we begin the reading process. NEXT STEP: meet/read next week.

  5. I spend time every day visualizing and trusting. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART.

I struggle with the "dates" part of goal-setting. They can feel arbitrary. I have forced myself to add them here. Goal: incorporate them at the end of every conversation.

Ok, in and out of this blog in 37 minutes - close to my goal of 30 minutes.

Good luck with your dreams!

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