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Day #5 - Trusting the Universe

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

I'm a little nervous. Because I'm not doing much today to move my musical "Oneida" forward.

I'm experimenting with living in the land of Trust. Which is far, far away from the land of Push.

I'm doing this because recently, in two separate sessions, I pulled two almost identical Tarot cards: Cornucopia and Material Harvest (sorry if I've lost you due to the woo-woo). Both mean all the seeds I've planted are available to harvest now. Could it get any more auspicious?

So I am doing "energetic work." Accomplishing more by doing less. So they say... we shall see.

Even so, there are a few things I can do. Here goes.


  1. Follow-up with theatre in CT about doing the staged reading in June (email sent, awaiting reply)

  2. Follow-up with Dear Donna on her contact upstate who played piano in the Oneida Mansion House (writing email now...wait for it...done)

  3. Check Master To-Do List to see what I can do. FB friended an ex-agent now in Chicago (reach out when she accepts).

  4. Do Super Woman power pose. A lot. Yup. That's me.


I've been listening to Deborah Hurwitz's Productivity for Perfectionists Summit. Her first guest was Sam Bennett, and her book Get It Done says basically...creatives have lots of projects at once and that's ok. Really? I'm ok?


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